12 Best Water Flossers Reviews in 2019

Dental hygiene is a very important subject for all of us, not just dentists or people that are directly involved in the medical system. Having a beautiful and white smile can give you a lot of self-confidence and literary change things around for you. And anyone who knows how hard it is to obtain and maintain that perfect smile, will clearly agree that washing your teeth regularly, cleansing using mouthwash and best water flosser are still not quite enough. Luckily, there’s a device that will make your life easier in your quest to having white and healthy teeth. The dental best water flosser is exactly what you are looking for if you want to be able to floss perfectly and save a lot of time compared to regular flossing. Not only that it will save you a lot of time and money compared to buying regular floss all the time, but it will also give you better results, won’t cause bleeding and will give you that feeling of fresh teeth and mouth every time. You would think that shopping for such a product is quite an easy job to do, however, just like in the case of a toothbrush, there are a lot of gum flossers out there to choose from. That makes it a bit of a tough mission when it comes to buying the best product and not spending a lot of money for something that won’t do the job. Luckily for you, this article will provide a lot of help regarding learning that are the best features of a dental water jet system and what to look out for when you’re buying one. Our team has been through dozens of best water flosser reviews in order to provide you with the best water flosser, which is also the best buy for your needs.

Best Water Flossers 2019 Comparison & Specs

We thought it’s a good idea to start this journey to find the best oral irrigator out there with a table that would give you an overview of the most important features of these devices and also help you in giving you a barring in terms of knowing what to look for when shopping for an electric flosser. So, without further ado, let’s move forward toward the table that acts as the introduction for you in the world of water teeth cleaners.

Top Rated Products

So, after viewing the table above you must have a clear idea that there will be 12 devices for flossing teeth that we will take individually and discuss their specifications in full, strong points, innovations as well as what are the opinions of other buyers regarding them. If you already spotted a water jet flosser that drawn your attention, it’s easy to just go down to the full review, check it out and take important steps in purchasing it.

Zerhunt Professional Rechargeable Portable best Water Flosser

The Zerhunt professional and portable dental gum flosser will deliver you the best floss you can get without going to the dentist office. The manufacturers from Zerhunt offer a cordless best water flosser that delivers 1700 high-pressure water pulses a minute and a long nozzle that is able to rotate at 360 degrees. Also, it offers deep cleaning of every corner of your mouth, including teeth, gums and tongue, spots that are very hard to reach using the brush or even traditional floss. The water irrigation device comes with 3 different pressure settings that include pulse, soft and normal, yet another feature that makes this model a strong candidate for the best cordless best water flosser title. A full charge of the dental irrigator takes around 4 hours and afterwards you will be able to use it for 2 weeks straight without having to worry about plugging it in again for a recharge. It is equipped with the latest generation of lithium-ion battery and comes together with a USB cable and a charger adapter that can also be used through a laptop or any other device. Also, this portable best water flosser comes with a storage bag that can be easily fitted in your luggage during a vacation.
Zerhunt Professional Rechargeable Portable Dental Gum Flosser


  • 2-week autonomy with a full charge
  • Takes only 4 hours charge time
  • Cordless for more mobility
  • 1700 pulse per minute, the highest on the market for a portable or corded hydro floss oral irrigator


  • The 4 hours to recharge might seem too long for some user, however, you get 2 weeks of utilization afterwards which is awesome
Since no matter how many technical water flosser reviews or specifications you read, you will always put more value on the opinion of other users just like you that had the chance to have a hands-on experience with that certain product, we’ve searched the internet for such feedback left from verified buyers and brought it to you. Adam considers that the best water flosser vs floss debate does not even have a stable ground because using the best water flosser has changed everything for him. Traditional flossing took a lot of time and he ended up hurting his gums but thanks to the Zerhunt cordless best water flosser reviews he bought one and is extremely happy.

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser

If you ever wondered what is the best water flosser for teeth, you have the answer right in front of you. Offering a contemporary and compact design, the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser has a lot of interesting and helpful features such as an included water on/off switch on the handle, a finger-tip easy pressure controller and LED display to make the setting, even more, easier and visible. If you are to go on a Waterpik vs flossing comparison, the water jet teeth cleaner will win at every single aspect. Starting with the fact that it is the first best water flosser to be approved by the American Dental Association, by going through all the Waterpik reviews you will learn all about its 650 milliliters reservoir that delivers a constant and powerful jet of water that is very effective for plaque removal. Actually, it was clinically proven that it removes up to 99/9% of plaque which is essential for a good oral hygiene. Furthermore, the device is very effective for patients that had implants fitted since the regular string floss might have difficulties in reaching the gum near these implants. It is also 3 times more effective for removing plaque and food debris around the braces when compared with regular floss. For the fans of mobility, there’s a Waterpik cordless version available, however, at only 1250 pulses per minute, we decided to focus on the plugged-in ones.
Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius best Water Flosser


  • A corded model so no need to worry about battery life and recharging time
  • Big 650 ml reservoir for longer cleaning and whiter teeth
  • 10 different pressure settings to accommodate even the sensitive of gums and teeth
  • Comes with 7 different tips


  • Some customers complained about noise levels, however, when you think about all the power it delivers, it is normal to get some noise with it.
There are some really extensive reviews from verified purchased items on the big online shops and we’ve gone the extra mile to collect and bring them to your attention. Jerry loves this hydro floss device because it allows him to properly clean his teeth and gums every evening since he admits he was too lazy to floss on a regular basis. Isaac bought this model because he had to get braces and admits it’s the only way to properly clean your braces and gums without spending have of an evening in front of the mirror. For him, it is the best flosser on the market and would totally recommend it.

H2ofloss Water Flosser

The H2Ofloss water flosser gives you cleaner and brighter teeth with just three easy steps. First of all, you need to fill the water tank, install the tips and finally power-up the water jet teeth cleaner by pressing the on button and directing it at your gums in order to floss properly. This device delivers a water jet for teeth that can be adjusted through 5 different pressure setting that vary from extra sensitive, low, medium, high and extra high pressure for cleaning even the most resistant debris. Thanks to its big 800 ml reservoir, this cheap best water flosser can offer you over 150 seconds of powerful and efficient cleaning process before you have to fill-up the tank again. The 2 and a half minutes are more than enough for an in-depth cleansing that will help you keep a better oral hygiene with this teeth floss machine. In order to be as efficient as possible and get close to the title of best oral irrigator, the H20floss has a built-in tip storage slot that allows you to get easy access to the 7 different tips it can hold. The complete package that this device uses for a better delivery of water jet for teeth contains 4 classic jet tips, 2 periodontal tips, 2 orthodontic tips, 2 tongue cleanings devices, 1 nasal tip for water spraying and another nasal tip for a water column. There’s no need to mention that the of power best water flosser from H2ofloss can is a great tool to use in combination with your toothbrush or even by replacing brushing altogether.
H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser


  • High-capacity 800 ml tank that provides 150 seconds of water flossing
  • Comes with a total of 12 tips to offer you the beast cleaning possible
  • 5 different pressure settings to accommodate the needs of every user
  • 1200 pulses per minute for whiter and healthier teeth


  • The extra tips and accessories you receive can be a bit hard to handle, however, it’s a great thing that you don’t have to buy these separately.
It’s now time to access the feedback and reviews of verified customers that were kind enough to go back after they used this device and leave their impressions so that other buyers, just like you, could get inspiration and extra info about the H2oflosser. Daniel said he bought the power of best water flosser after being recommended by his dentists since regular flossing wasn’t possible due to his tight teeth. After a thorough research, he chose this model due to the positive reviews he found on the internet and is extremely happy with the results, just as his dentist is. Liam likes the automatic flosser because it is quieter than the models he owned previously and much more cheaper compare to other products offered by the competition.

Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

With the Waterpik WP-900 brushing and flossing are now transformed into a very simple task performed by the same device that will save you a lot of time and money. This quiet water flosser does not save you only time and money, it also helps you save a lot of counter space in your bathroom and power outlets as well as it combines a sonic toothbrush with the advantages of a powerful mouth irrigator. Clinical studies shown that combining the advantages of a sonic brush and the best water flosser will help you increase the overall health of your teeth and gum and also save you the expense of visiting your dentist on a regular basis. The oral water irrigator combines pulsations and high-water pressure for a deep cleanse between your teeth and below the gum line that surrounds the teeth. This process removes bacteria and any kind of debris that might get stuck there, preventing oral issues such as cavities, bad breath or gum issues. This device is perfect for anyone that wants to have a very good oral hygiene and especially for those that just got braces, implants, periodontal or crowns. The Waterpik water jet dental cleaner is very easy to use, you simply have to fill up the reservoir with water, point the preferred tip to the bottom of the gums and start the in-depth cleansing offered by Waterpik.
Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush


  • Premium sonic toothbrush and hard-sided travel case included
  • Multiple accessories for a complete oral cleansing
  • More than 90 seconds of 1400 pulses per minute teeth and gum cleaning
  • 10 different pressure settings


  • The battery on the toothbrush is continuously charged when put in the dock which may lead to a weaker battery over time, however, you always have a 100% battery ready to be used.
The reviews and feedback we found online from verified customers seem to back up the technical specifications and overall good feedback suggested by the online shops that are selling this referring to it as one of the best water flosser. Luis likes that is was very easy to set up and that using it the combination of brush and water flosser gives you the required oral hygiene. Kate likes everything the Waterpik WP-900 starting with the package and the included sonic toothbrush. She recommends it to anyone that wants to have clean teeth and a beautiful smile and rates it as the best electric flosser with 5 stars out of 5 possible.

Lantique Water Flosser

The Lantique water flosser comes with three different cleaning modes that are indicated through LED lights. Users can choose from pulse, soft or normal pressure settings depending on what they desire for their teeth and how sensitive their gums are. This means a lot of comfort and increased hygiene for your teeth and gums brought to you directly from the best portable water flosser in the eyes of some users. Besides the standard hydroflosser, you will also get two jet tips tat are fully rotatable and help a lot to clean those hard-to-reach areas behind your teeth as well as all the blind spots where you can’t really see what you are doing. The Lantique battery operated flosser removes dental tartar and plaque with the use of powerful high-pressure water jets directed towards the desired areas by the specially-designed tips. Besides all that, it is very helpful preventing teeth decay and bleeding through your gums. The dental floss machine is 100% waterproof so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet or anything since it will perform just as well in both dry and wet conditions. You can enjoy using it while in the shower as well. For a rechargeable water flosser, it has quite a big reservoir, being able to take 200 ml of water or mouthwash, more than enough for an entire cleaning and cleansing session.
Lantique Water Flosser


  • A top water flosser with big reservoir, ideal for vacations
  • Multiple pressure settings to adjust for the needs of all users
  • Comes with two rotatable jet tips and 2 orthodontic tips which make this oral irrigation device the complete tool for your oral hygiene
  • Four nozzles for entire family use


  • The overnight charging time might be a bit too much for some users, however, the two-week battery life is really impressive
Now, the part that you all love and like to read, the water flosser reviews from previous owners of this product that took some time to help others making the right choice by sharing their experience as well as ups and downs. Veronica loves this oral irrigation device because she can actually feel the water cleaning all the hard-accessible parts of her teeth and gums. Places that took her a lot of time to reach with regular floss were cleaned and ready to go in a few minutes with this battery-powered flosser.

INSMART Cordless Water flosser

After reading some of the best cordless water flosser reviews, we found the one proposed by INSMART and decided to bring it to your attention for quite some reasons. First of all, it provides healthy gums and teeth by being able to deliver between 1250 and 1700 pulsations per minute, through high-intensity jets of water that efficiently clean areas where traditional tooth brushes or string floss won’t reach. No more food stuck between your teeth that is also the main cause for a bad breath, with this battery powered flosser, you will be able to get rid of all of it if you use it on a daily basis for a couple of minutes. The INSMART personal best water flosser has 3 different operation modes that are indicated through LED lights and include: soft, normal or pulse massage. Just as the name suggests, the pulse massage mode does not only clean your teeth and gum but also massage your gums leading to a better blood circulation and healthier overall gums with a very low risk of disease. The 200 ml reservoir is quite big for such a small and portable electronic water flosser and it allows a complete floss with one reservoir recharge. Also, the fact that it is waterproof makes this one of the best oral water flossers in terms of cleaning it up after us and getting it ready for next use. Just place id under the stream of water and wash thoroughly.
DILAW SAPHIR Shisha Edelstahl Test


  • Long-lasting battery that makes it perfect for taking it with you on a vacation
  • 200 ml reservoir big enough for a complete clean cycle
  • 3 different pressure setting indicated through LED lights
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning


  • Some customers complained about the water flosser to be too powerful even on the lowest setting, however, that can not be a bad thing since you need power to get clean teeth
Alright, everything sounds just right after going through the reviews found on big online shops that sell this product but that will be the case for the reviews left by customers that bought and tested the product? We did a research and brought you the most helpful ones. Cal thinks this is the best oral water flosser for his teeth simply because he couldn’t really use string floss due to tight teeth. He also appreciates that it is very easy to use, a charge lasts even up to 2 weeks of daily use and it leaves a fresh feeling.

QQCute Water Dental Flosser with 7 Multifunctional Tips

The QQcute dental irrigator reviews we found online were compiled and compressed resulting in the rows you are going to read that will capture all important aspects of this water flosser for gum disease, overall oral hygiene and cleaner teeth. The present device is perfect for people that just had braces installed, suffer of diabetes or any other gum disease. The combination of pulse flow technology with high-pressure water will lead to a deep clean between the teeth and even below the gum line, where the gums embrace the teeth for a fresh and debris clean breath. If you are looking for the best oral water flosser you just might have found it because the QQCute does not only offer incredible results when it comes to cleaning teeth and gums but it also comes with a big-capacity 600 ml water tank that is enough for the entire family to use with one fill. If you’re going to buy awater flosser then if definitely want to take this model into consideration thanks to the 7 extra jet tips it comes equipped with.
QQCute Water Dental Flosser with 7 Multifunctional Tips


  • H7 extra-tips with different roles for a complete oral hygiene
  • It comes with an anti-leakage design
  • The tips can be stored inside the water pressure teeth cleaner thanks to the specifically designed holder.
  • Adjustable water pressure between 30 to 120 PSI


  • Some customers find it a bit to loud, however, delivering that much power and pressure has to come with some noise
If you already like the QQCute oral irrigator reviews you enjoyed above, we have something more that should help you in taking the final decision. We have searched for verified buyers’ feedback in order for you to get a complete picture. Sam likes that it is a very cool to have at home that can help you avoid a lot of visits to the dentist office. He also admits that it is perfect for those times when he feels to lazy to go all the way with regular floss so it’s a win-win situation.

ElleSye Water Flosser

The ElleSye family water flosser comes equipped with 9 multifunctional tips that include 4 classic jet tips, 1 dental plaque tip, 2 tongue cleaners, 1 orthodontic tip and one periodontal tip. With all these different tips you can be sure that you get really clean teeth free of any food debris, plaque or bacteria that can get quite easy to remove using your regular string floss. If we were to go into a flossers vs floss comparison, the main advantage of a water flosser would be that water always finds the path of least resistance and follows its way across removing any debris in the way while you might be tempted to give up while using the string floss. Then there are the high-frequency pulsations with 1300 pulses per minute that offer you the best teeth-cleaning action. All that power and pressure comes with a very low noise level of only 65 decibels and it doesn’t take a lot of space on your bathroom counter either. This means that you will get dentist-like results in the comfort of your own home at perhaps half the price you would pay for a medical consult.
ElleSye Water Flosser


  • One of the highest rated water flosser available on the market right now
  • Comes with a 1300 pulse / minute frequency that greatly increases the water flosser effectiveness
  • Has 9 multifunctional tips for all the family to use
  • The reservoir of this oral irrigator water flosser is big enough to allow a full cleansing session with no need for a refill


  • It’s not that convenient to carry it around with you, however, it isn’t advertised as a portable water flosser to begin with
As buyers, people are often more inclined to trust in the experiences of other people that were in their place. So that’s why we also took care of that part in our review and researched the internet for helpful feedback from verified customers. Stephanie likes this product because it is super easy to use for her braces since traditional flossing wasn’t possible and it gave no results for her. She especially likes that fact that, thanks to the special tips, she can get in the hard-reachable areas on the gum line.

Belmint Dental Water Flosser

The Belmint dental water flosser promises that flossing your teeth the traditional way is now a thing of the past. Not only that you can enjoy a better and deeper cleaning with this handheld water flosser but you will be able to use the water pulsations to reach those areas where tooth brushes and regular string floss can’t simply reach. We meant those sensitive areas on the gum line, around a recently placed crown, braces or implants. It’s a solution that can be applied to the entire family and the results will be visible right from the first uses. The Belming comes with a water flossing system that allows you to adjust the speed through a dial from 0 to 90 PSI and a total of 1400 pulses per minute. It comes with 10 different pressure setting that can be controlled using the built-in knob in order to find the speed that offers the best results for you and doesn’t harm your teeth or gums. As a big plus, the water pressure dental floss device has 3 interchangeable tips that rotate 360 degrees in order to reach all the difficult areas in your mouth and behind the teeth. In order to help you choose between them, the nozzles are color-coded.
Belmint Dental Water Flosser


  • 1400 pulses per minute for clean teeth and gums in a matter of days
  • Interchangeable nozzles with different functions for improved results
  • High-capacity reservoir that allows a full-floss before needing recharge
  • Can be used by the entire family


  • It can’t be used with mouthwash because it can damage the pump, however, it is a water flosser, after all,
Just like we already got you used, we went ahead and also went through feedback left by previous or present owners of this product and shared with you their opinions so that you have a clearer idea of what this flosser has to offer. Ben thinks its functioning well and does the same job a Waterpik product will do at a much more reasonable price. Trish, on the other hand likes the way this cleans her teeth and that it also has a tongue cleaner with a big plus for the magnetic clip that holds the handle in place.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser

The Panasonic flosser is the ideal oral hygiene tool you want to have in your backpack while traveling, either in a vacation to another country or when you’re going camping. First of all, it’s very easy to pack thanks to its collapsing design that means the top part of the flosser will easily slide inside the bottom one in order to occupy less space in your luggage. Also, even though it’s small and portable, it packs a strong 1400 pulses per minute punch that can remove plaque, food debris and bacteria that usually get stuck in between the teeth or in the gum line. The Panasonic water flosser takes care of that for you and it also has two-speed settings, a high-speed setting which unleashes the full power of the device and another, more sensitive one for those that have sensitive gums. Apart from all other cordless water flossers, the Panasonic oral irrigator doesn’t have a built-in battery that you need to leave overnight to recharge, it simply uses 2 AAA batteries that can last up to 2 weeks. Even though you also need to buy the batteries for it, which in time will increase the overall price, it’s excellent to be able to use it anytime, anywhere without waiting for it to charge.
DILAW SAPHIR Shisha Edelstahl Test


  • It’s compact and can get even more compact for travel
  • 1400 pulses per minute for an in-depth cleaning of your teeth and gums
  • Cordless flosser with two different speed-settings
  • Uses two batteries which means no charging time when you can’t use it


  • The fact that is operated by batteries instead of a rechargeable lithium battery can be considered as a con for some, however, being able to use it at all times is really cool
Now, it’s time to get to the part where we show you what other verified users think about this Panasonic water flosser and what was their experience. Dave considers this water flosser from Panasonic a superior product and recommends it to anyone in need of a good floss. It also appreciates the fact that it alone does a better job than brushing and regular flossing together. He is also very happy about the fact that the entire flossing process is done in a few minutes, compared to traditional flossing that took him a lot of time to complete.

PECHAM Professional Water Dental Flosser

After checking a lot of water flosser ratings, we reached the PECHAM Professional water dental flosser that comes to the table with a pulse rate of 1250-1700/minute tat can secure a clean mouth and teeth. Besides that, it can prevent tooth decay, issues with gum bleeding, swelling around teeth and even the sensitivity of teeth and gums. It’s enough to read this electric flosser review to learn that it comes with 7 multifunctional tips that will further assist you with keeping a strong oral hygiene. The 7 tips are divided as follows:
  • 3 of them are classical jet tips that have the same function as the one it comes equipped with
  • 1 of them is a dental plaque removing tip
  • 1 is an orthodontic tip
  • 1 tongue cleaner
  • 1 periodontal tip
With so many attachments, it’s already clear that this water flosser is more than just that, it becomes a complete tool to take care of your teeth, mouth and gums. Furthermore, it comes with 10 different pressure settings that will allow any user to use the right amount of pressure for the best cleaning of their teeth without bleeding or causing sensitivity. It also comes with an intelligent 3-minute timer to let you know when you should put and end to your cleansing session. This seems as an unnecessary function, however, some users find the cleansing feeling so good they tend to go for 10 minutes in a row and that can actually harm your teeth and gums.
PECHAM Professional Water Dental Flosser


  • Comes with a lot of accessories to improve its already awesome functions
  • 1250-1700 pulses per minute for a good-quality flossing
  • 10 different pressure settings to find the best suited for you
  • On and off switch on the handle so you can easily turn it off


  • It’s not very easy to take it with your but it’s not advertised as a portable water flosser as well.
Without any further ado, it’s time to present to you the customer feedbacks regarding this product that we managed to collect and present to you in this final section of the PENCHAM water flosser. Roger think this device is excellent for what he needs and was especially surprised by the fact that it is smaller than he thought it would be judging by all the photos and reviews he has viewed. He is also very impressed with the extra tips and especially the tongue cleaner.

Lantique Cordless Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser

The Lantique cordless professional water flosser is yet another excellent choice for you if you are looking for a reliable option to replace the regular flossing. No matter if you consider it to be too time consuming or simply not efficient enough for you, switching to a water flosser will bring you a lot of advantages. First of all, the high-pressure pulse of water delivered by the Lantique will reach places that traditional brushing and flossing simply could not, leaving you with improved oral hygiene and a lot of spare time as well. Yes, you read that well, we mentioned spare time since water flossing will only take you around 2 minutes while we all know how much time you spent bending, swirling and trying everything in front of the mirror to get that string floss in between all the teeth. Also called a water pick because it removes food between the teeth, you should know that it’s not at all limited to that. It can also remove plaque from your teeth, bacteria from the gum line and even help with nastier gum and bad breath issues. It has one button that turns it on and off and you an also select from 3 different flossing modes: normal, pulse and soft. Try each one and find the one that is best suited for your sensitivity.
Lantique Cordless Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser


  • 360-degree rotating tips to cover even the most difficult of areas
  • It’s cordless and very easy to handle with one hand
  • 3 different flossing modes to choose from
  • 1500 milliamp battery that can last up to 14 days


  • You need to leave it charging overnight in order for it to get at 100% again but for 14 days of continuous use, it’s well worth it
Now, to jump to the part that most of you love to read, the reviews and feedback of other people that owned and tested the Lantique water flosser. Melisa considers it to be a game changer since she noticed a huge difference in teeth hygiene before and after using this device. She was a bit skeptical to begin with so she brushed her teeth, used regular floss and then applied the water flossing technique and she was amazed to see that debris were still visible in the sink after she spat the water into the sink. Rates it 5 stars out of 5 possible and would recommend it to anyone.

Buying Considerations

Now, since we’ve been through all the possible portable water flosser reviews and we’ve seen all their specification and functionalities, it’s time to check some buying considerations that any person is going to meet when on the mission of buying such a product. So, before we conclude on which water flosser to buy, let’s answer some questions.

Why do You Need a Water Flosser?

For those of you still asking “do water flossers work?”, find out that water flossing is easier to do and a lot faster that regular flossing. Also, it will save you the effort of shoving a couple of fingers in your mouth trying to push that string around all the teeth through some very awkward maneuvers that will rather make you just want to quit everything. With an water flosser you just use an ergonomic tip and direct it at each tooth in part, and you’re done in a minute or two. Another feature that you can achieve even without using the most powerful water flosser it a very clean gum line and cleaning your tongue as well, increasing the overall health of your oral cavity altogether. Perhaps one of the best features of a water flosser is that it can adapt to almost any situation. If you just got braces, you will find a tip that was especially designed for that. If your teeth are sensitive you can just tone down the pressure because the best water flosser on the market will be equipped with a water pressure dial or adjuster.

How Effective is an Water Flosser?

If you went through some of the best water flosser reviews, you already know that they can provide quite a complete clean and reach high level of effectiveness. Flossing even with the best cheap water flosser will mean that you will be able to remove biofilm, a thick layer of plaque that simply can not be removed with traditional brushing or through string flossing. Also, speaking of effectiveness of water flossing, it won’t ever make your gums bleed as it often happens with regular floss and it will even remove the food debris that get stuck in the gum line for a complete oral hygiene, fresh breath and white teeth.

How to Use A Water Flosser?

No matter if we are talking about the best cheap water flosser or a more expensive model, using such a device is very simple and intuitive and you will find it a piece of cake. First of all, you need to fill its reservoir with water, preferably a bit warm so it does not affect sensitive teeth. Then you just have to pick the flosser up and select the tip you want to choose, if you have a model with multiple tips. For a water flosser that has water pressure adjustment levels, start with the lowest water pressure, put the tip of the flosser in your mouth and close your lips a bit to prevent splashing. Then, aim at the tip of the gum line, where the teeth meet the gums and move from one tooth to another until you are done with the entire mouth. Make sure to clean the water flosser after use and make sure it’s in top condition for the next time you will be needing it.

Features That Your Water Flosser Needs to Have

Adjustable Water Pressure

In order to make sure you are deciding on the best water flosser to buy, there are a few features and functionalities that you definitely need to look out for. The best water teeth cleaner needs to have adjustable pressure first and foremost. Water flossing is known to be very gentle on your teeth and gums but there are persons that are extremely sensitive to any kind of external interventions on the gums and that’s why you need to be able to set the water pressure. So, when going through an electric tooth flosser review, make sure it has at least 3 or even more water pressure settings. Besides protecting your sensitive teeth and gums, having more setting for the pressure makes the water flosser more family-friendly since every member might want a different setting.

Extra Tips and Accessories

Next step regarding t he features of the best water flosser for teeth is related to the tip and accessories it comes with. First of all, make sure you get a 360-degree rotating tip that will allow you to get into all the corners and difficult to access spaces in the mouth. Extra tips or attachments such as a tongue cleaner or a special tip for plaque removing are also welcomed and should be part of the package if you really want to make sure you purchased the best rechargeable water flosser.

Autonomy and Battery Life (Cordless Water Flossers Only)

Next on the list, we look into battery life for the cordless water flossers, of course. No matter if you are looking for the best water flosser for periodontal disease or just want that will keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need to make sure it’s ready for use whenever you need it. This means, first and foremost, deciding on going with a corded or a cordless water flosser. If you also have portability in mind, a cordless water flosser it the only way to go and then we have the problem of autonomy and how long the battery lasts. Even the best rated water flosser is not going to able to offer you an autonomy greater than two weeks after a full charge, which is more than alright considering that you’re not going to be away from electricity for such a long period of time, unless you decide to go live off the grid. Another consideration when it comes to the battery of a cordless water flosser refers to how much time it takes to be fully loaded. If you are aiming for the best dental water flosser regarding charging time, you should know that the shortest time it takes for a full load is 4 hours, while other have to be left charging overnight.


Of course, since you’re dealing with water for cleaning your teeth and gums, you’d expect that all water flossers are also water proof since there’s a lot of water involved in the process. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for all the devices, especially the ones that are plugged in and you only use the irrigator head of the device. This means that if any water leaks from the reservoir or anything like that, you will have some serious issues. In order to avoid any tricky situation, make sure to buy a waterproof model and you’ll be out of harm’s way.

Ability to Use Mouthwash

Perhaps not so relevant in the quest to establish what is the best water flosser, the ability to use mouthwash instead of water is quite important to some customers and you might also be interested in it for two reasons. First of all, mouthwash gives you far better results than regular water when it comes to removing hard plaque and neutralizing any bacteria that might cause bad breath and a number of different oral conditions. Not that water doesn’t do a good job itself, thanks to the pressure generated by the water flossers, however, mouthwash can sometimes help make the process even more efficient and if that’s possible then why not do it? The second reason why being able to use mouthwash instead of regular water with a water flosser is related to its maintenance. Even if you clean it regularly and take good care of your device, there’s still a big chance for it to catch limestone over time. Mouthwash totally eliminates that possibility and leaves your water flosser cleaner and ready for use.

Maintenance Tips for Your Water Flosser

A good water flosser is likely to run for years in a row before you encounter any kind of technical issues with it and, believe it or not, there are some things you can apply to make it even more resistant and last even longer. Simply follow the steps described below and you will be able to enjoy your exceptional water flosser for a longer time, making sure you have the perfect teeth and gums at the same time. The first rule about keeping your water flosser in high standards is making sure you flush it at least once a month. If you go through blogs and websites, the use of all-natural products is recommended however we consider that to be a wrong advice. Not only that it’s wrong to put baking soda, bleach or iodine in a water flosser since that can leave chemical trails in it that will then be directed towards your teeth and gums, but it will also increase the risk of failure due to those added chemicals. Instead, you can use an antiseptic mouthwash solution that will definitely get rid of any bacteria that made its way in the reservoir or along the pipes. Just as described before, using mouthwash is also a very good alternative for regular water in the entire process of getting healthier gums and teeth so it’s a win-win situation. Another advice that is most probably going to increase the lifetime of your water flosser is leaving the water tank empty after each use. Not only that it will mean more chances for the device to run for a longer time, but it will protect the valves and other devices meant to keep water inside the device. Also, if you’re going for a bigger, plugged-in model, you need to make sure to also clean the are under the water flosser so that everything is clean and there’s no mold or bacteria collecting underneath which can sometimes find their way into the water reservoir leading to more complicated issues. Another thing that you need to take into consideration regarding maintenance and keeping your water flosser in top shape is making sure the tips are in a good condition. These are the parts that wear out first so you need to keep a close eye and make sure you don’t operate the device with a broken tip as that can lead to other issues in the future.

Wrapping Things Up About the Water Flossers

Wow, what a journey! Right? We bet you were not aware there are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to water flossers and that you had no idea there are so many different models out there! By now you should be very aware about how good a water flosser is to your overall oral hygiene by helping you get rid of all food debris, plaque or bacteria while saving you time and money when compared with traditional flossing or any other form of brushing and flossing. If you take your time to find exactly the product that is right for you, the positive results will be visible from the first uses and, even though, finding the best-fitted model is not always easy due to many different models being available on the market, you can always rely on help for that. It’s mainly all about wanting a portable or plugged-in model, if you want it to have a lot of different tips or just the basic one so you get the job done and if you’d rather go with a rechargeable lithium battery model or one that runs on AA batteries that doesn’t require charging time. Once you made up your mind about these main choices, simply follow the above reviews and buying considerations and you will take a decision in a matter of minutes. If, after reading all the info made available for you, it’s still hard to take a decision or go towards one model or another, perhaps our view that the best possible water flosser is the Zerhunt Professional Rechargeable Portable Dental Gum Flosser, will help. Not only that it presents has the largest reservoir out of all the portable devices and it lasts for 14 days with one charge, but it will only take 4 hours to be 100% again after the battery runs out and it comes with a lot of different accessories and attachments that will make cleaning your teeth and gums an easy task. So, no more excuses for not having the best oral hygiene possible, buy the best water flosser right now and enjoy its benefits!
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